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what are symtoms of low vitamin D level

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my vitamin D level is reduced to 38.
one orthopadic surgen has adviced following treatment:
1. Injection Arachi 6 lacs units I/M weekly * 4
this is vitamin D injection
2. calcium

another orthopadic surgen says vitamin D injection is not required at this level. instead he has suggested following treatment
1.cholecalciferol granules
to mix this in milk once a week for eight weeks and walking in sun in the morning and evening. he has not adviced to take calcium tablets
I get pain in back and heart bones and get difficulty in getting up from lying position.

one physician has suggested it is not due to low vitamin level and has advice for suger test. it may be due to sugar or some other reason which has to be examined. my fasting suger is 103. what can be the cause. what treatment should i take . whether injection of vit d is essential. pl. advice
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