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what are symptoms of a blood clot in the area of the big toe?

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I have a health problem that I am not sure what to do. My big toe on my left foot is very sore and swollen. I can't even wear my shoes or walk on it comfortably. I put witch hazel on it because I thought it might be the result of some kind of insect bite but that did not help. Then I put some Neosporin on it but that did not seem to help. I then in talking to my daughter who suggested I might want to soak my foot in hot water with Epsom salts in it. I did this for at least 1/2hr. to 45min. and it did not remedy my problem. My toe is still very swollen and red and very sore. I was wondering if it is possible that I could have a blood clot in my toe or do you suspect something else? What should I do to remedy this situation?Thank you.
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