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What are possible medical reasons for semen not to come out

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What are possible medical reasons for semen not to come out? I don't have a problem of having orgasms or feeling them but my semen hardly comes out during an orgasm if at all. I did have a surgery in stomach area could that be a reason and why?
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replied July 25th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
well there could be many but if u function fine then for the time being; I would not worry about it
how old r u
what is height/weight and general health
do u have any cancer of the prostate or reproductive system in your family
how long has this been happening
u did not say what the surgery (stomach area) was
if u r worried that u don't have any sperm coming out that probably is not so, the semen is to help the sperm and protect it because when a man ejaculates only about 3% is sperm and has no color like semen
if u have insurance and want peace of mind ; see dr
good luck
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