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I know i have high risk hpv, the dr checked me for warts and said i didnt have any. (that was last week) Today i found a little bump but im not sure if its a wart. there is only the one bump kinda close to the vaginal opeing. its not hard like warts people get on there hands, and its skin colored it reminds me of my chicken pox scars, kinda still bubbly but not hard or anything just there. It could be a chicken pox scar too but i just want to make sure its not a wart. If you have genital warts what are they like? are they like the ones you get on like your hands or feet?

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replied December 9th, 2008
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Genital warts, are, usually, raised or flat, flesh-colored to white or gray, soft lesions (they can have a rough surface), or, cauliflower-like bumps , that can be found near the opening of vagina, along with other sites of appearance (vulva, anus)
They can occur single or in a cluster.
These lesion can appear several weeks or several months after the suspected exposure.
Infection with genital warts causing HPV types (6, 11), usually, is suggested on a Pap test.
HPV types 6 or 11 are commonly found before, or at the time of, detection of genital warts; however, the use of HPV testing for genital wart diagnosis is not recommended.
Definitive diagnosis is usually made with a colposcopic exam and biopsies.
Skin tags are lesions that can resemble genital warts.
It's best to check this growth with your GYN, cause the visual examination usually gives correct answer.
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