Hi! First of all, thanks for taking the time to read this! I was on Wellbutrin SR 100mg twice a day for about a month, and was loving it. I then had an appointment with my psychiatrist, and for my convenience switched to Wellbutrin XL so I only had to take a pill once a day. I thought it sounded good, but now I'm not getting the same benefits I was on SR, and am wondering if she perscriped the generic form (bupropion) instead of the brand name. On the SR tablets, it said "Wellbutrin SR 100" and on the bottle said "Wellbutrin SR 100mg (Bupropion HCL)". But, on the new XL tablets, it says "WPI 3331" and on the bottle it says "BuPROPion XL 150mg." Since it doesn't have the HCL, could that mean I'm taking the generic form? I've heard others say the generic form isn't as beneficial to them, and although I know medications react differently for each individual, I'm still wondering. The fact that the pills don't even say Wellbutrin has me worrying also. Please let me know what you think, and if you've switched from generic to brand name or vice versa. Thanks so much!

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replied June 17th, 2009
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Your pharmacist should have an answer. Or call your doctor and ask if s/he allowed this to happen and if so tell her/him the difference that you feel.
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