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Weird Phenomenon I don't know where to post

Last night, I had a weird experience while trying to fall asleep. I went to bed at around 11pm-12am, and stayed up until 3am just trying to fall asleep. (My circadian rhythm was off from an irregular sleep schedule). When I finally calmed down and closed my eyes, I got startled by a small noise. When I heard this noise, I didn't jump - but I had a strange reaction. My eyes flashed an image for less than a second. Maybe a millisecond?

The thing is, this has happened to me before. Multiple times. This time was different, though, because the image I saw was recent and unique. When this happened before, it was usually in black and white and didn't really form an image I recognized. I figured it was my eyes flashing into the back of my skull and flashing the image of my brain. (Stupid, I know.) But last night was an image I knew I had seen recently. It was purple, and instantly reminded me of a video I had watched a couple hours prior. With this knowledge, I can probably assume that the other black and white images were images of black and white text on a screen from using my phone before bed. (Maybe thats why?)

This only happens when I'm calm and trying to fall asleep with my eyes closed. Many things can trigger it - any small, startling noise, such as my mother coughing or my house creaking. I don't even know when this began, maybe a few months ago? A year?

I just want to know if this has happened to anyone else, or if this is connected to some type of condition. I also find it important to note that, around the same time of night, whenever I opened my eyes I saw small shadows (Maybe 3?) moving in weird shapes on my wall and floor. They usually went away after staring at them for a little bit, though.

I've looked up this image flashing thing and all I got was people talking about how they saw multiple images of random people flashing across their eyes. This didn't happen to me. It was a memory. A recent memory of an image I had seen. And it wasn't like it was an important memory, either. It wasn't something I saw all the time, just something I had seen recently.

If anyone has experienced this or recognizes this, please. This has been bothering me all day.

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