Today I had what I would call a spell, much like I did when in high school years ago, in which I am conscious of my surroundings and physically capable of doing normal things, but I feel as if I am in a state of observation. I do not feel like I am really controlling my movements of actions and when words come out they are not slurred or awkward, it just feels as if they are not my words and that I am just listening to someone else. It lasted about 20 minutes and then just snapped me back to feeling "normal". Anyone know what this might be?
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replied July 23rd, 2013
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I know what you mean as I have had similar "spells" myself in the past.

Everyone is schizophrenic to some extent. Society sets the bar where normality ends and most people fall below that bar.
If you had a psychoanalysis you might be found to have a high schizophrenia level "but within the bounds of normality".

A few sessions with a psychologist is a refreshing experience and should be compulsory; why not give it a try...

Some younger people can find a state of consciousness where part of the conscious mind can wander off and leave other parts of the brain in charge of routine tasks. It used to happen to me a lot while reading a book and while driving. I once drove eighty miles and at journey's end I couldn't remember a single part of the journey. It used to worry me until one day I "woke" to find myself sitting in the stationary car in the middle of a street just in time for a child to run out in front of me between parked cars.
The ability to achieve that state of mind left me the day I married.

Alternatively, the period when you felt "absent" could be an implanted memory from when the aliens put an android in your place while they probed you or something.
Try not to laugh too much...

Some wag once speculated; what if all of what we perceive as reality is in fact a dream and all dreams are in fact reality.
How would we know and how would we prove that reality is real?
Perhaps your spell was some sort of waking or sleeping half world...

Good luck!
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