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Weird growth inside urethra

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I am a male, 22 years old. I have had 4 sexual partners in total. I have never
had any signs of an STD. Recently I have noticed a strange growth just inside my
urethra. It has been there for a little over a week. It is not causing me any
pain, and there is no penile discharge of any kind. It looks like a little
colony of little bumps, and is very reminiscent of the wart that I had on my
hand a few years ago, except it is very soft and fleshy. I am getting really
worried, and I am wondering what it could be and what my next steps should be.

I must mention that approx. 3 weeks ago I went through a week long phase where I masturbated multiple times per day. I must also mention that about a week ago, my girlfriend and I had sex and it was quite dry. It caused me some pain, but then we found a condom, and it got better.
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