I'm 23 years old and for the last year or so I have had days when I'm feeling extremely tired.

However, this tiredness is different than regular overexertion tiredness. It feels like I've been squeezed out of my life juice if that makes any sense. Brain fog also occurs, and somtimes twitching of muscles. It starts early in the day and usually gets alright in the evenings. However, sometimes I can tell the evening before, because my breathing gets really troublesome, I constantly gasp for that one big breath. Sometimes my eyes get all watery too, and there's water coming out of my nose, and there's a lot more spit in my mouth as well.

As I've said there are good and bad days, and it usually comes in episodes. I can be fine for a few weeks, but then I'll have this for some time. When it happens, it happens like an hour after I wake up, however it helps considerably if I skip breakfast for some reason. Also, I have never had this a day after going out and having a hangover the other day.

This problems also chronologically somewhat correlates to problems with my wisdom teeth. I've had them pulled out a week ago, but the tiredness came back yesterday, so I guess this is not it.

Last year I moved to a different country because of studying. It was a big change for me, and the school requires me to study a lot. So my lifestyle has been very sedantary and stressful. I failed the year (because of this horrible thing!), and am back home now, studying for the 2 exams I still have to finish. I did feel stressed before, but I don't now.

I've had my blood checked and they said it's all good.

This is ruining my life Sad Please help!
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replied March 10th, 2013
Help me please Sad
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