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Weird black dot appeared on my finger??

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For about 4 months now (maybe a little more) I have had a black dot on the side of my finger.

At first when I saw it I though it was because of a marker but it won't go away.
If you look really closely it's actually dark Brown with tiny black dots in it.
it used to be a smooth surface now you can feel it like a little bump (but you can see that it's still under the skin too though).

*I feel like it got a little bit bigger than before.

Here is a picture (its bad quality I know..)

http://[image removed]*/view.php?pic=24c9zro&s=7

http://[image removed]*/view.php?pic=257emud&s=7

What could it be?
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replied March 1st, 2013
Hi it could be a blood blister I had one on my tow and like you I was quite conserved mine was a blood blisters they can last for quite a while. If the spot is not symmetrical in an obvious way then you are best to get it checked out also if it itches it could be a blood blister. I would say the best thing is to get it seen by a doctor good Luck x
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replied July 16th, 2016
Sort of late, I was just wondering if you found out what it was cause I am in the same situation
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