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Weight loss is on almost everyone's mind at one time or another in life. I have listed 7 of my easiest methods to lose weight. If you use just a few of these suggestions you will lose weight and your family and friends will be asking you how you did it, very soon.

Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily; has made number one for our weight loss tips because of their low caloric content and their high fiber and vitamin content. Many vegetables contain negative calories, these can assist you in your weight loss.

Drink water instead of diet soda; comes in number two in our weight loss tips, by increasing your water intake you will feel fuller longer. The sweetness of the diet soda can be a trigger for between meal snacking.

Write down everything you eat; is number three in our weight loss tips. By keeping a food diary you will uncover what you are really eating. It will surprise you how much you actually consume each day.

Eat smaller portions; arrives at number four on our weight loss tips. By slowly cutting down your portions you can save hundreds of calories per day. Use smaller plates and your meals will look larger.

Eat several meals every day; shows up at number five of our weight loss tips. You should start eating 5-6 small meals per day so you won't get so hungry between meals. You can also have the traditional 3 meals but make them smaller mini-meals, and add in three small snacks. Try using vegetables for snacks and take advantage of their negative caloric content.

Limit your sugar; has made it to number six on our weight loss tips. Try to use a sugar substitute whenever possible, you will see a dramatic change in your weight very quickly if you limit your sugar calories.
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