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Weight loss, depression and Bulimia


I'm 21 years old. I have had some set backs with my weight lately I'm 5' 1'' and last winter I weighed in at 137 pounds. It was awful I felt like a slob so I finally said okay I need to fix this. So I did. I stopped eating late at night, I began eating better. I currently stand anywhere from 120-122. I'm still not happy. I lost 17 pounds in a month and a half but I'm still very unhappy, in fact, things have gotten worse as far as my depression. I look at myself and think ewe this is disgusting someone my height should not be this heavy. I mean yes, I have lost weight but I look like I did 17 pounds ago. I have weird rolls on me. For the past week and a half I have become bulimic. Every time I go over board I freak out and vomit. I check the scale at least once and hour and have been exercising every single day for and hour at a time. I want to stop this Bulimic thing because I know its a very very unhealthy thing for me to do. I need to get on a plan where I can be happy with what I am eating and have enough exercise to the point where I'm not there for an hour doing an elliptical machine just because I want to burn what I ate. It is becoming a growing problem and it has not been getting better. Today I forced myself to be sick twice because I'd eat look at the scale seeing 123 or 124 and freak out and vomit till I see at least 121, and even then I am not happy. Please help me out give me some tips because I do not want my life to be ruined by my weird habits.
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replied July 4th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
OK since u asked I will give u my answer for what it is worth;
as to your exercise; sounds good but since u hate it then AGAIN u r wasting your efforts because some exercise is great but if u believe u can exercise away that cake u ate; then u r delusional
as to a diet that can work; here is a tried and true proven for 40 plus years; it is low carb or low Glycemic Index, u can do Atkins or South Beach etc and they WILL WORK but u need to understand the physiological reasons why or AGAIN u r wasting your efforts.
If u want help JUST ASK and people will help u but if u get mad or ignore them; then JUST LOOK back at the 100s of thousands of posts that have now gone nowhere and add yours to them
I wish u well, if u want many will try to help u
and u deserve help because u asked
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