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weight gain and anxiety on pill

Birth control question....
I have been on same birth control for 2 years had few side effects when first started taking it that went away after couple months. Then after a year being on it in the last year I gained weight, no matter diet and exercise etc I barely lose any weight and my emotions are out of control. I cry ALWAYS the week before my period and I act crazy and get really depressed. Now recently the week before my period I have been having dizzy/off balance feelings and anxiety. I’m wondering if I should go off bc all togeth r or just switch brands? This is the only brand I was on recently I had not tried another brand. I really need help. Doctor says it isn’t pills because I have been on it 2 years. Would only happen I n the beginning. I’m having trouble believing that! Please help
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replied November 6th, 2017
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Hmm! If you believe the pills are causing the problems then the first step is to quit them. Just be sure to have another form of birth control at the ready. After a few months you might decide to try another brand, or perhaps get a non-hormonal IUD.
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