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Weight Gain after Surgery

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Embarassed I had a colon resection 9 days ago. I have gained 23lbs during my seven day stay. My left leg is so swollen and my foot looks like a stump. I am currently taking Bactrim, injecting myself with a blood thinner for seven days doctor orders. Is this from all the IV fluids I received. How long can I expect this to last? My left leg is so swollen I have to literally lift it up to get into bed. I've been keeping the left leg elevated. Also immediately after I woke up in recovery my eyes were swollen shut. They kept telling me to open my eyes but I could'nt because it felt like sand. I did not know they were swollen shut, but in recovery they were persistant on me opening my eyes, there was absolutly no compassion. they kept me in the recovery room for 9 hours. Why did all this happen to me?
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replied June 4th, 2010
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Hi Cindy:..I am so happy the surgery is done...Many years ago when I had my Hysterectomy, they kept me in the recovery room for about four hours...This was to get my blood pressure until control...I am going to guess and say that they wanted your eyes open so that you would not go back to sleep....

Now about the weight...I think that is pretty much from liquids...You are swollen from the surgery and it will take time to rid yourself of it...When you are swelling you are retaining water...I would try staying away from salty foods as they will make you retain more water...Why not call your physician and ask him/her about this?...Rest and take it easy....Baby yourself...I send you my best wishes for a speedy recovery....

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