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3-4 weeks-very tired, no energy,hands shaking,ankles swell

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Past 3-4 weeks I am very tired with no energy,feel weak, my fingers and palm of hands shaking at times, and both my ankles for the first time swollen. Behind knees are painful with lots of back pain. Upper back shoulder pain and hot flashes worsen. WHY.
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replied June 21st, 2009
hello sorry you are in so much pain and the only thing i can pin point is possibly an arthritic problem and this can cause you to shake and have knee and back pain. swollen ankles are also a sign..

im not a doctor but had test done recently for same symptoms..there is osteo arthritis and rheumatoid that i know of..both require tests and blood works to determine the type so would see your doctor and get checked out. put your mind at ease.
hope this helps you..
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