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34 weeks pregnant. cramps, really bad neasuea, numbness

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For the past week I have had menstrual like cramps, really bad neasuea (barley can keep food down), heart burn that makes me so sick I get really hot cannot breathe and then puke. Today I woke up had diareah with such bad pains I was crying. Then I had pelvic area pain so bad It didn't go away for a LONG time and I even moved around it didn't help. I am scared. The pain is getting worse everyday.

Also the right side of my body is numb. I keep having muscle spams. I am confused feeling sometimes really bad.

I was in the hospital couple weeks ago for a whole week from being in pain.
It was all on the right side of my body. They were going to do a emergecny c-section but didn't.

Also hot flashes that make me can't see or hear and I feel like I am dying.

But the doctors really wont do much. I dunno how much longer I can take.
I have a really bad heart. I wake up choking on fluids in my lungs and gasping for air. My heart hurts bad all the time like its trying so hard to pump blood.
I can't eat too much or my heart will hurt and I will start puking.

I have low iron and have to take iron pills.
Blood doesn't flow into my legs no more.
Like seriously they turn purple all the time.

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