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34 weeks pregnant contractions?

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i am 34 weeks pregnant and a couple days ago i started getting a slight cramping pain in my lower abdomen and lower back. it comes and goes with different intensitys but they last awhile. ive also been getting slight shortness of breath. could i be starting labor early? i had similiar pains when in labor with my first son but that was induced
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replied June 12th, 2009
hello if in doubt get checked for you and baby.
probably just practice braxton hicks as with your second baby you should know the signs of true labour.
could also be baby lying on a nerve which is sending signals all over the place.
At 36 wks my daughter experienced this but was her first baby and she actually went a week late.
Sending you the best of luck for you and your little treasure when he/she is finally here in few weeks.
I adore being a first time grandmother and she is now 11 months not long till first birthday.
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replied November 11th, 2009
am 34 plus 5 days pregnant with my 2nd child and keep getting pains in the lower abdomen plus shoting pains and discharge what could this be.
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