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20 weeks pregnant and extremely tired

I am 20 weeks pregnant and extremely tired all the time. My blood test are all normal so far and everything seems to be going well. I drink plenty of water but still feel thisty i have tried power naps but they don't work and are inconvinent for me as i work 80hrs a week and have a 3yrs old boy.I also get migrains, blind spots and have low blood pressure very often. Last year i had a still birth May12th.
Why am I so tired? What can i do to help myself feel better.
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replied November 6th, 2009
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i feel the same and this is my 2nd baby i have a little 2 year old boy.
if your working 80hrs a week thats heeps and looking after your 3 year old! i think you should try to not work as much, take more time to relax is important. just think how tired you'll be when the next baby arrives? so do get some rest now while you can!

i am having lots or migrains aswell like almost every day. it awful.

do you know if your having a boy or girl yet? im only 16 weeks and find out what im having in 2 weeks (i cant wait) im just wondering if the headaches might indicate if its a boy or girl? i had no headaches or migrains last time.

i hope youl find the time to rest, and good luck with it all!
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