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3 weeks post-wisdom teeth extraction. Still swollen??

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Hi! I just got my 4 wisdom teeth removed 3 weeks ago. Most of the swelling is gone however there is still a noticeable amount of swelling still present. There are two hard lumps slightly above my jawline, roughly around the area where I got my wisdoms removed that hurt as well. AND I can't open my mouth completely either. I was worried that something might be wrong. The swelling is still noticeable, but not as bad as day 3, and the lumps hurt, and I can't open my mouth 100% yet.. HELP!? Has this happened to anyone else before?? What happened?? Should I be worried? I've heard of some people having teeth fragments still in their jaw, that their doctor didn't get that caused all these symptons?

Further information: My dentist put me on Penicillin, however I didn't finish the bottle. I was suppose to take them 4 times a day, and I didn't. I was lucky if I took it twice! I still have them, and there is probably half a bottle left. Was not taking them, what caused this? If I took them on a regular schedule till there all gone, would my problems go away? I was on heavy heavy pain killers for the first 2 weeks, because I was in intense pain, and lost weight and sleep due to the pain. Also, the stitches have dissolved, but whenever I stick my tongue back there, gushes of gross, warm liquidy spit-like substance comes gushing out. (Not blood) and it takes right awful. (Like iodine or something) Is that normal as well? I'm 16, and not happy that my face is still noticeably swollen, and I'm stilll in pain. Should I contact my dentist? Has anyone else had this problem before?
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replied August 4th, 2010
Brown Discharge and Swelling at Wisdom Teeth Extraction Sites
I'm having the same problem as you right now, believe it or not. I am allergic to penicillin though, so I was on another course of antibiotics. Clindamycin, I believe. Though I realize that it is my fault, the pills had some annoying rules, and it felt like there was an ungodly amount, perhaps because they were less effective than penicillin. I didn't finish them either. My parents are pretty sure that is the cause, though I have insisted repeatedly that it's only a little sore, and does not feel like an infection or a dry socket. My suggestion is to schedule an emergency visit to either your dentist or the surgeon who took out the teeth. In the meantime, washing the areas with warm saltwater relieves me of the taste and swelling for a little bit. You could try that if you haven't already. Good luck!!
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replied December 13th, 2011
Hi MoonliteXShadow -

So, now it's been a year, what happened? I feel like I'm running into the same thing that happened to you. My Jaw is killing me and it has a lump in it.

Thanks for any advise you have. The oral surgeon said it could be most painful cause my nerve is healing... did you get the same information?
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replied December 14th, 2011
Hi Toyish,

If possible get a full mouth XRay done. You will get the whole picture. Like if there is any jaw fracture or not. Hope there is not. Smile

I went through a(only one) wisdom tooth extraction 25 days back and due to the dentist's casual approach my jaw got broken very badly.

TC and GWS!
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