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33 weeks - pain in vagina

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i have a sharp pain down there it is sometimes there all the time and other times it goes away i been told its the baby gettin in position but if its really painful it could be breeched if it gets any worse i am thinkin of goin to the hospital if it is breeched and they had to do a c section how early would they do one like would they do one at 33 weeks or wait a while just wondering
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First Helper babyboo285

replied June 22nd, 2011
They usually will do a c-section one week before your due date. I also have sharp pain down there that feels like burning and it's not a u.t.i. The doctor said it is just the baby getting into position. Another thing, when you go to your doctor visits, the doctor can feel if the baby is heads down or not. I hope this helped.
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replied September 28th, 2011
i have been having a pinching pain in my lower abdomen and pain in my vagina ive also lost my mucus plug multiple times in the last few weeks my doc said im 2 cen. dilated 50% effaced and the babys head is low but i dont want to go to the hospital cause every time i go they just send me home i dont know what to do i feel so hopeless can anyone help?
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