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2weeks old constipation

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My two weeks old doughter was constipated for a week so every day we would use a bit of pedia Lax recommended by her doctor. We changed her formula to nutramigen and it has improved. She poopes twice a day but still seems to be having problems passing gas. She is my second child so I know tommy aches are very common until they regulate their digestive system. One thing that really worries me she had a bit of bloody stool last night. I took her to see her doctor this morning and she said its most likeley torn fissure from all the constipation. I am really worried about my little girl and can't stop thinking about it. I tried breastfeeding but she did not have wet diapers a whole day and we started formula including breastfeeding but nothing ever came out. I feel so guilty for not having milk. Her eating habits are just fine, she eats every two hours and does not vomitt. The only problem is her poop.
Any advice would be really really appreciated . Thanks
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replied August 27th, 2014
Take her to a pediatric gastroenterologist if you can.

In the meantime:
(a) add dark karo syrup to the formula (forget the "botulism danger", it no longer exists)
(b) give small amounts (0.5 to 1 oz) of diluted pear juice (which is almost the only juice they can have so young)
(c) use baby-size (1 gram) glycerine suppositories if she hasn't done a smelly for two days
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