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4 weeks late, sickness, negative test :S

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Hey everyone, I'm starting to really freak out now haha. I took a home pregnancy test on the 25th Jan as I was late and it came up negative. Now I am 4 weeks late and last night I was just randomly sick. I am never sick, it came over me like a wave and I felt little delicate after but was fine after half an hour. I went to the doctors 10 days ago, and they took blood for an overall check, I'm not sure if they are gonna check for pregnancy even though I told them about this all. I get my results tomorrow but am just so nervous. What does everyone think?
Thank you.
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replied February 8th, 2012
Oh honey, I am going through the same exact thing! I got negative OTC tests but felt nausea last night and this morning, so I feel your pain. I hope things go well for you <3
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