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3 weeks after surgical abortion and Plan B- any insight?

Hey guys, I'm really just seeking any shared experiences that could maybe put me at ease. I haven't spoken about my procedure with anyone so I'm very in my own head.

My procedure was 3 weeks ago (Dec 3). 11 days later I had unprotected sex but took plan b the next morning. That fri (16th day mark) I had symptoms of ovulating - discharge, light cramps. I hadn't bled in about a week. This past Monday (19th day mark) I started heavier bleeding bleeding cramps again. I went through 1 tampon a day and now have fatigue with cramps.

Anyway, I'm thinking out loud here:
Could I have ovulated around the 2 week mark (just after plan b) and the bleeding is caused by my ovaries adjusting? Would plan b still affecting my hormones 10 days later and is the culprit behind my bleeding/cramps? Finally, is it possible an egg has been fertilized (pregnant) although I've bled semi heavily since then?

I'm aware having an abortion will throw your body out of wack for some time- so the plan b on top of it makes for complete hormonal/uterine chaos.

Any insight or empathy is welcome, thanks for caring enough to read
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replied December 25th, 2014
Edit- very slight nausea currently, along with fatigue and light cramps. Bleeding had ceased since yesterday (start of 3rd week).

Bleeding at all would indicate my uterus clearing out, correct? Pregnancy is my main concern at this point. Otherwise I'm comfortable knowing my body is simply readjusting from the trauma.
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