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37 week pregnancy scan report

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Hi All,

this is chakraborthy, and my wife is 37 weeks pregnant , recently she got scanned and doctor is saying some abnormality in baby, we are very worried about it. here are details of scan, can any one give me clear picture, as we are very much worried about baby health

B.P.D -- 92 mm (37 weeks)
Femur Length -- 65 mm (33 weeks)
Abdominial circumference - 316 mm ( 35 weeks)

As doctor is saying her Femur length and Abdominial circumference is below normal, we are

very concerned.

Can any help me in understanding baby's health state.

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replied December 30th, 2009
Hi there,
I am not a doctor so cannot answer your question very well. I think you need to speak to your wife's doctor and ask for a more detailed explanation of what may be wrong.
I had a baby with severe intrauterine growth retardation... at 19 weeks his femur was 4 weeks behind and his tummy 2 weeks behind. Eventually, when he was born at 33 weeks he was the size of a 23 week baby (weighed 630g). The measurements we had all through my pregnancy made it sound as though his legs were going to be grossly disproportionately small to the rest of him, but they weren't, and although he is still a very small child for his age he is fine now... racing about just the same as his twin brother.
All the best and I hope it is nothing serious.
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