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Weaning off sleeping pills

I've been on seroquel for sleep for the last 7 or 8 years. A year ago I moved across the country so I had phone appointments with my doctor. Then a few months ago, she went out of my network. I'd been toying with the idea of getting off the meds for a while, so I decided when my prescription ran out, that was it. I've been steadily cutting back for a long time, and when I decided to quit, I was down to 25 mg anyway. For the last several months I've only been taking 12.5 and still sleeping great. So over the holidays, I started cutting my 12.5 in half as well and mostly sleeping okay. Well, I'm down to the last of my pills, and things aren't going well anymore. I start to get really anxious about not sleeping and it just makes matters worse. The other night, I probably got an hour or two of sleep and then had class from 9 in the morning until 8 at night. Last night I took valerian hoping it would help. I did sleep, on and off, but I kept waking up and having trouble getting back to sleep. Now today I just feel in a daze and really want to sleep. I know this is silly, but I really enjoy sleep and the thought of struggling to get a few hours instead of my normal restful 8-9 hours makes me really upset and emotional, which isn't helping much! I know I need to not sleep during the day so I can get on a good schedule, but I just feel so drained. Does anyone know of anything that can help this awful process? It's the beginning of the semester so my workload is lightest now, and I can't put it off until summer because I'll be working every day.
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