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Weaning off MAOI

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I'm trying to post a comment in reply to this topic. Last comment was 1/2/2017. Since I can't seem to locate the thread I'll paraphrase the comment. "Nardil makes you feel tired and lazy"; yes I totally agree. I did come off for surgery, doctors gave no alternative in my city. I had discussed that it hadn't been working with my doctor for months. I did the withdrawal under doctor's supervision but it was relatively fast as I needed surgical repair of my right hand. Nardil did work for me for a few years but it became obvious that the antipathy I was experiencing was preventing me from changing my "state of mind" and engaging in activities that would alleviate my depression. The antipathy and weight gain were enough "side effect experience" to motivate me to really try other methods to cope with my depression. I feel that the slump I had created over the last 5 years by not being motivated to change anything (tidy home, get out and be involved) may have become more of a problem than the neurotransmitter issues I went on MAOI to change. I'll repost soon but I'm hopeful I can stay off Nardil.
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