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weaning off clonazepam (klonopin)

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I have been on 4 mg of Clonazepam 2mg in morning 2mg at night, for the last 2 years. I have been reading some pretty nasty stuff about its long term use and addiction to the drug, which I do feel i have as there has been times when, due to my busy schedule, I was unable to refill a prescription, went 2 days without it and felt like I was gonna come out of my skin, as soon as i got to the pharmacy and out to my truck and popped one in my mouth, i felt relaxed and I know the drug really doesnt kick in for some time, but my brain thought otherwise.

So, I really want to get off of the drug, but i have a lot going on right now and my doctor put me on a tapering schedule of 2mg in AM and 1mg in PM for 3 weeks, then 1mg in AM and 1mg in PM for 3 weeks, then just 1mg in PM for 3 weeks, then done.

I have read quite a few forums and articles and all give different view points on tapering off but all seem to carry the same notes of nasty side effects of getting off the med, sometimes worse than the actual condition.

I was put on the drug 2 years ago along with setraline and buprorion for anxiety and panic attacks, which had me going to the ER almost once a week they got so bad, thought I was having heart attacks, had this chronic stomach pain just below my ribs, but the drugs made it all go away, but i felt in a fog. I weaned off the setraline last year, which was not bad at all, did it myself, but would really like some input on the clonazepam, frankly it scares me that my anxiety might be worse trying to wean off of it than it was without it before. Everyone says it eventually passes, but how do you deal with it in the mean time.

My normal anxiety symptoms where chronic stomach pain, skipped heart beats, palpatations, panic attacks, turning pale, break out in hot and cold sweats, feeling like I was coming out of my skin, the impending doom, hyperventilation, before they diagnosed it as anxiety I had ER docs telling me it was everything from vertigo to slight right side heart enlargement, which just made the anxiety worse. After seeing a cardiologist and taking many tests and getting a clean bill of health on my heart, only then did it rule that out. Finally my GP doc gave me Clonazepam and it was like a wonder drug......

So any input or help would be greatly appreciated, I wanted to lead a normal life and not feel dependant on a drug anymore, it rules my life.
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