Around April 2008 I had two months of severe weekness in my spine and legs - i was unablw to walk and hold my weight, often happening through the night when i got up for my young children. I had an MRI but nothing showed.
Dec 2008, after having 2 weeks of severe headaches and vision spots/stars and clouding of blackness on the outer edges I went to A+E,I was kept in Emergency Care with a stiff left arm and pins and needles and some purple-ling in my hand, the next day it spread to my left foot and lower leg. Each time it lasted a few hours then slowly wore off and I needed to pass urine. I had CAT scan and Lumber Puncture, normal - so I was sent home.

The next morning I was back in EC being sick and unable to stand without being forced over to the right, causing me to unable to sit or stand up. My vision was darkened and i couldn't stand light. While there my right leg started to stiffen up now increasing to 3 and half hours - and I could always feel the Dr tickling my limbs - by the 5th day, since the weakness had started, I was paralysed from the neck dow for 5 and half hours. Being Deaf and using Sign to communicate with my husband - this really scared me not having use of my hands. Also Each time it got longer - is the next time going to longer? is it going to be permanent?

Since coming out of hospital I have had an MRI - normal - seen a nuerologist - no neuro issues. MS and Stroke were mentioned early on - could the scans have missed anything?

4 weeks ago I went back to A+E with a stiff purple right arm twice but sent home, this lasted more than a week and on returning to work two weeks ago (Im still under 6 months of my new job so I didnt want to loose my job) - I still had a painful right arm which lasted up till the Wed pm of the second week. I have had a lot of dizzy spells from picking things up and bending down and even turning around.

But today I was worried as a new symptom happened - As I stood up off the sofa I was dizzy - as usual - but I lost my vision fully for a few seconds - it started on the outer edges closing in to the centre, loosing whole vision, then it slowing started to open up again - in both eyes.

I know this seems alot but Im worried as Im not getting anywhere with the Specialists - they are just working their way illiminating things.

Does this makes sense to anyone?

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replied February 17th, 2009
facial pains
On Sunday I also had pins and needles all over my face st the time when i had the vision disturbances. the pains lasted a couple of minutes.

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replied February 21st, 2009
go2Emergency again?Tongue pins n needles
Ive been back and forward to Emergency this week from 16th Feb 09. I went to emergency with the above facial pains and vision disturbances which had the dr looking at my MRI from early JAn. There was something to see - a pocket of fluid in my right sinis - which he said would cause vertigo headacheds and vision probs - but not the weakness of limbs before Christmas. I was given 1 wk of anti-biotics.
On Wed I had chest pains and uncontrollable shaking of my whole body from the neck down - No one could take me to Hosp so an ambulance came and they told me the shaking was likely to be panick responce, but I've panicked years ago and not had symptoms like this. At emergency I had a chest exray which eliminated heart problems and a blood clot in my lungs.
Im now home - Sat - and Ive got pins and needles in my tongue - varying from around the edges to all over

Should I go back to emergency?
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