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Weak Mom, 13 pills daily, 3 heart surgeries, valves artificial

I, her son, am an educated 30 year old who is quite familiar with finding information on the internet. I have done so for years about various topics of interest including my own health to quite an extent. I have learned of many natural ways and methods to address most of the things that the following list deals with. Things like grounding/Earthing, body Ph levels, Lymphatic system importance, Fluoride, BPA, MSG, stomach acid importance, body voltage/meridians (Russian/NASA medical bioelectric technology), Ozonated water, magnesium deficiency, iodine deficiency, electric nature of the body and pathogens, perils of processed food, Glycemic index, meditation studies, Black Mica minerals etc, etc, etc.

I feel that the following cocktail of drugs is not going to improve my mothers health, as it has been declining. I am also wondering if a person should be on this combination of drugs, and whether or not a study exists involving this particular combination over the long term. I feel like her particular M.D. merely matched symptoms to the corresponding drug again and again, and no further investigation or consideration of the body as a whole interactive system was contemplated upon. I have no idea where to begin to help my mom, but I do know she is in need of help.

Chemically and surgically forcing her internal environment has left her in a dilapidated state. A more natural approach is of course not covered under her health plan, and she hasn't worked a day in her life. I would much rather see her on a regimen that supports the body instead of burdens the liver. Any help from anyone is greatly appreciated.

About my mom:
-Female, age 65
-Had rheumatic fever as an infant, weakening the heart.
-Has not smoked in 30 years.
-Not a drinker, only on special occasions, and only 1-2 glasses, can't handle more.
-Has had 3-4 open heart surgeries, both valves are artificial, you can hear the clicks when in the same room as her.
-Advised not to have any green leafy foods, which are very healthy.
-Has coffee in the morning most days.
-Typical north American diet, not east to get her to eat how I would like her to eat to improve her health.
-low energy, not exercising, steady decline over 20 years. She used to walk to my baseball games and home again 2-3 times per week (3km each way)
-Feels the need to always be talking, even if it puts her out of breath, and uses her hands more than necessary when talking, swaying and pointing.
-Has been increasingly in the hospital several times per year, in the past 10 years, for fluid on the lungs, and less often for blood in stool.
-Memory failing, seem to have the same conversation with her every time we talk (I am in Alberta, her Nova Scotia).

List of meds/supps as told to me over the phone:
-Lorazepam .5mg daily (anxiety)
-Metoprolol 25mg twice daily (beta-blocker)
-Ranitidine 150mg daily (stomach)
-Digoxin? .125mg daily (heart)
-Furosemide 80mg morning - 40 mg afternoon (loop diuretic)
-Ferrous Sulfate 300mg daily (iron)
-Folic Acid 5mg daily (RBC)
-Warfarin 3mg (blood thinner)
-Citalopram 20mg daily (anti depressant)
-Allopurinol 200mg daily (gout)
-Astrobacatin? Astrotactin? 10mg daily (she thought it's a beta-blocker)
-Amlodipine 5mg daily (blood pressure)
-ASA (Aspirin) 81mg daily (blood vessels)
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replied June 1st, 2014
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Hi JPTC...Have you ever gotten a second opinion on the amount of medication she is taking...Hopefully she is getting enough greens with her Warfarin...Is her blood checked every 6 weeks?....Two anti-depressents daily is a lot...Watch her coffee unless it is decaffeinated...Have enough but not too much liquid...You want to keep the fluid off her lungs as this can affect her breathing...Tell her to slow down with her talking...Relax...This could be happening because of the anti-depressants...

I wish I could help, but you might want to talk to your own qualified Heart and/or Internal Medicine physician...Take care...

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