I have severely weak and tight muscles, but I'm looking to isolate which muscles are problem areas as to be able to figure out what exactly to treat.

None of the 10+ doctors I have seen have helped me in any significant way; most dismissed any concerns I have and were bad listeners. I have searched the internet for two years straight and I cannot find a single person that has an issue significantly similar to mind. Unsurprisingly, this caused a lot of distress. After being silenced for two years, I need to ask for help.

Some background: I am 23 year old male. Symptoms started two years ago and have only been progressively worse. It started when I performed a lot of kegels as my erections were weak. Instead of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, this caused my erectile function to get worse. I tried trigger point therapy, but it seemed to worsen my conditions and lead to a lot of rock hard, weak muscles; granted, it's probably my fault as there were times where I have pressed pretty hard.

The worst is erectile dysfunction: erections are impossible to get if not stimulated manually in a rigorous manner. Here's the worst part: my erect penis spasms (not sure if this is the right terminology) up and down at more or less a constant rate. The erection quickly disappears and "spasms away" to a flaccid state once stimulation is gone (less than 5 seconds). The spasms have only gotten worse and the erections weaker.

Also, I seem to have a chronic spasm in my upper abdominal area as well. When I lay on my stomache, place my hand on my upper abs, take a deep breathe, and then exhale, I start to feel strong, rhythmic spasms in this area. And no, I am not confusing this with a heart beat. Both my PC muscles and my abdominal muscles are extremely weak, so this may be a cause of the spasms.


There's a lot more details, but one thing is certain: I have intense muscular problems.

I also have anterior pelvic tilt, so this leads to speculation that my hip flexors and/or psoas may be tight. I try doing the Thomas Test (lay supine on a table, knees to the chest, then release one leg down the edge of the table). However, there are two things. 1) My leg rests well below parallel to the floor, so this gives the impression that my hip flexors and psoas are fine. 2) However, I always feel a crack at the hip flexor at some point approximately 20 degrees above parallel. Any diagnosis on tightness?

Next, my glutes: I cannot due a side-lying clam shell. My glutes become very hard (like giant pieces of rocks) and they shake uncontrollably. Now, this gives me the impression that my glutes are weak. The same applies when I try doing glute bridges, which I can "successfully" do, but I do not feel like I am activating the glutes at all.

However, I can do a side lying leg raise without any major problems, but doesn't this activate the glutes? I am confused as to why I can do one glute exercise reasonably well and the other one I struggle with.

My abdominal muscles also shake wildly when I do bridges or side bridges, though I can maintain both above 30 seconds. The shaking gives the impression that my abs are weak.

My bladder control is very weak, and it is very difficult for me to flex the PC muscles to close the urine stream, so I'm reasonably sure my PC muscles are weak too.

I also feel "cracks" on nearly all the stretching exercises I try (the two piriformis stretches, the lunge stretch, etc.)

I'm also reasonably sure that I have trigger points on all these areas I've mentioned. I've been given conflicting advice on "don't work out areas with trigger points" and "trigger points occur on weak muscles, so you need to work them out", so I am really at a loss at what to do. It's really scary thinking that all I've tried has only made things worse.

Any other things to try to diagnose? What areas should I strengthen or lengthen? And should this be done despite the trigger points that never seem to disappear?
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replied April 1st, 2013
No one? This is a bit depressing. Is there not anyone with experience with exercise making things worse? Weak muscles that shake and successful treatment?
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replied April 23rd, 2014
Hey tightened did you ever find a solution for this
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