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Weak back and abdominal muscles

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I once got back injury while trying to lift a heavy load in wrong manner. Some lower back ligament or something got damaged and thereafter it never recovered. Due to that abdominal and lower back muscles all got too weak, that i am aware of this hollowness and weakness 24 hrs.

All the time i keep feeling this uneasiness and lack of strength. This has adversely affected my routine life.

I cannot stand for long times, my upper back also gets tired in short time.. i dont feel like normal healthy young man.

My confidence to lift medium heavy things has gone, nor can i without keeping in mind proper care of back.

Overall , I have lost confidence to dance, to do lot of running of playing game etc.

MRI and X-rays are normal. I dont know what has happened to my back. I do core muscle exercises. been doing stretching exercises for years.

Its been 10 yrs now. very very slow improvement. Please someone help me regain. its a heartfelt request.

pls post your experiences and help me describe out and get to the medical term for this problem.

doctors are not able to diagnose my problem.
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replied February 15th, 2010
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So you had an mri? Did they say you had degenerative disc disease or anything? Did they say you had a small buldge but it should not explain your pain? If so, then I would seek a second opinion from a very good orthopedic or Neurosurgeon. If you cannot stand for long periods of time...or sitting (not mentioned above) then it sounds like you could possible have a ruptured disc that does not necessarily buldge out hitting the nerve but it could be leaking fluid onto the disc. Proper diagnosis for this would be a discogram. If you do have this problem and its been 10 years since your mri, I would have another MRI with another dr. and ask about a ruptured tear in the disc and possible nerve damage. If you are a diabetic, you could have diabetic Neuropathy. See a doctor and get another diagnosis. make a list of everything it has done to you and everything that you have tried to make it better. In the mean time, use heat for those tight areas in the back which could be muscles spasams and use ice wherever you hurt and try a good strong inflammation pill until you can get something else. Keep me posted..Im about to have a fusion done on my lower disc, I have some more advice for you if I knew what is wrong..Second and third opinions from Doctors will make a world of difference..Keep checking here for more helpful information from other users.. Good luck!
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