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Ways to improve a sluggish colon?

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I have been dealing with fairly irregular bowel function for most of my life, but for the past several months it has become a major issue in my life. Gradually, my bowel movements became more infrequent (only a few a week, at most) until the point where I feel extremely full, bloated, and uncomfortable at all times. Whenever I eat even the smallest amount of food I feel more uncomfortable, as if there is so much waste that needs to be removed and is being piled on top of. A little over a month ago I went to the emergency room and had an x-ray, telling me I had an impacted bowel. I was told to use laxatives for two weeks to clean out the waste, along with a diet higher in fibre. I took the laxatives, and this helped to clean out the waste for the most part, but days after I went of them I experienced constipation once again. Since then I have been brought back to the same feeling of extreme fullness and discomfort from not eliminating waste. I have been put on more laxatives as part of a regimen to help my sluggish colon empty my body of waste. These have produced some (loose) bowel movements, but I still feel very uncomfortable (as if I have so much more waste to get rid off). I have a colonoscopy scheduled for a week from now, and am depending on the laxative used to clean my system before the procedure to be what will fully clean my colon. My main concern is how to proceed after this cleansing and procedure (if nothing is found, but my colon is still sluggish). My fear is that it will not be able to function well enough to keep me eliminating waste regularly. So my question is, what can I do (naturally, without laxatives) to ensure my colon will strengthen to produce a healthy amount of waste?

Also, I must say that I think I have found myself in this position because of a high amount of stress. Otherwise, my lifestyle had been quite healthy (good diet, exercise, et cetera). I plan to continue this lifestyle, but need to know this is enough to keep this problem from occurring again. I would just like to know some specific things I can do to help with this. Thanks.
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