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Ways to get rid of urinary infections

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Ways to get rid of urinary infections

Things you can do
1)Stop drinking soda and caffeinated drinks
2)Drink more water and/or cranberry juice
If you do not like cranberry try cranberry grape or different flavors, they taste better
3)Take showers over baths. If take bath you are scrubbing the bacteria and germs off of you but you are still sitting in it which can make the infection worse and last longer. Shower washes the germs and bacteria down the drain.
4) Make sure you are drinking enough fluids with your meals. If you eat more than you drink it can make you urine acidic causing it to burn. Also drinking enough when you eat can help food go down more easily.
5)Don’t hold it in for too long. Go to the bathroom as soon as you can. I understand just trying to hold it for couple of minutes while waiting in line to go to the bathroom but don’t try to hold it and then forget to go for hours. The more time your urine stays in your bladder the more acidic it can get.
6)Wipe front to back. If you try to wipe the other way you will get e-coli ( bacteria found in your feces) in your pea hole which can cause infections as well. Also you want to dab dry not wipe when have infection so your skin don’t get raw.

Temporary relief
1)If you are red and getting raw down there then destine cream (baby rash cream) works.
2)If burning apply cold wash cloth after urinating and put destine cream if needed.

What to do if it continues or if I can’t handle the pain
Go to doctor. The doctor will run tests. You will have to pee in a cup and they will test for abnormalities in your urine. Doctors may prescribe medicine to help you which can change color of your urine. Other tests could be bring a jug home to keep in your fridge and pee in it for 24 hours, not straight just when you go to pee in 24 hours. If it is worse than a scope is done.

The scope is called cyst scope. What they do is they put you asleep then they stick a tube that has a light and camera on it up your pea hole and travels up until they can find the problem. Note if you are small and/or if you are a child then you may have side effects especially if your urethra (tube from bladder to pea whole) is not as big as it should be. The side effects are bleeding out of pea hole, when urinating you feel like you are on fire down there. Best advice just try to push it all out at once, ice pack works too for the fire burning sensation.

Note: if you continue to burn when you urinate for years then it may develop other dilemmas like your urine may start eating the inner wall of your bladder causing to produce sores inside your bladder this takes up almost about a decade take away couple years.

If you have any questions or concerns, please consult a doctor. No I am not a doctor I know all of this because of my experiences with urinary infections for a decade of my life. I hope this information helps somebody.
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replied March 18th, 2012
Note the things you can do to help it go away try it for a week or two for symptoms to ease or go away. If you catch when it first starts and you do the things suggested it would go away faster than if you wait. Some things may work better than others only you know how your body would react so do what works best for you
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