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11 Ways to cope with Schizophrenia without Medication

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I have been Hearing Voices for the past 14 years. During this time, I have never taken a med or consulted a psychiatrist or psychologist, even though I have suffered hallucinations, depression, psychosis and mania.
My reasons for never seeking medical help are simply - I never thought I was crazy. It was the Voices I was hearing who were trying to drive me insane and I countered and fought back with every means at my disposal.
At the the time, I had never heard of Schizophrenia, never knew people called it a mental illness and have always considered the Voices I hear to be real completely separate entities from me.

I have written this article to help people who suffer from the terrible side effects of their meds and would like to come off them, as well as for people who would like to try a a non medicated approach in dealing with Hearing Voices and Schizophrenia.

11 Ways to cope with Hearing Voices and Schizophrenia without any Medication

1) Store a happy picture in your head that you can refer to at anytime when your mind is troubled.

2) Take deep breaths and concentrate on your breathing and your happy picture. Refuse to let your thoughts trouble you or wander into thinking about things that cause Guilt, Paranoia and Fear.

3) Find a Chant, Song or Sound you like and Repeat it Constantly to Block the Voices. Do this when the Voices are incessant and troublesome and if you are unable to cope with a turned on TV or radio.

4) Concentrate and Listen to a Soothing Audio of Your Choice when unable to sleep, or suffering sleep deprivation - leave the TV or radio on the whole night, it will help you enjoy a dreamless sleep.

5) Share and Discuss your experiences with your friends or an online support group. It will stop you from becoming paranoid and isolated. At the very least, you will be able to get a few good laughs out of it.

6) Exercising Vigorously will cure Depression by flooding your brain with the chemical dopamine,a natural feel good and high. Sports like Boxing and Martial Arts will help you, vent your anger, improve concentration, discipline and mental and physical balance.

7) Use Self Hypnosis to counter the negative emotions/character building in your mind. Constantly repeat positive reinforcements till you fall asleep. Examples : I Feel no Fear, I Feel no Guilt, I am a Happy Person, I am a Good Loving Person, I Will overcome My illness, etc.

8) Write down your experiences. Writing will help your coherence and help you escape the trap of your own mind. The act of putting your words to paper and reading the sentences you created will snap you into reality.

9)Take up hobbies like Gardening and FishKeeping. Your positive contribution while working with nature will calm your mind and soul.

10) Never Show Your Anger to The Voices in public or in the company of friends and family. Your anger will scare them and isolate you. Once isolated things could get a lot worse for you.

11) Inform and Help other people who Hear Voices.
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First Helper BlueLee

replied June 9th, 2014
Hi Gordon 1234567:

Thank you for sharing your coping strategies with us. It's so good to hear that you could cope with this illness without medication. You are great! Keep it up.

My son was diagnosed with Schz when he was 13 about 9 years ago. He was on Resperidol since. He gained a lot of weight, the medication did help him to stop the positive symptoms, but he gradually changed to another person, nothing in life interested him and he never smiles, the only thing he likes is food. Eat and sleep.

In November of last year, he decided to stop taking his medication. He said that he felt so good, his memory was so much better without the medication, he lost a lot of weight and he was happier. However, about three months later, he became very hypo, very talkative, very energetic, he slept less and less, only a couple of hours each day, his mood changed, very impatient, angry with everybody and complaining, swearing all the time... it was a nightmare for all of us around him.

He doesn't want to read anything related to his illness, he said that would make him worse. It took me several weeks to persuade him to get back to him medication. Now he is on a lower dose, his weight was increased immediately again like crazy, as he would eat anything he can from the fridge. Although he is much calmer now, he cannot take any stress, any activity would make him stressful, he talks to no one, he has no friends at all. he is doing a work term with a small company, he doesn't talk to him co-workers and said they are strangers and he no similar interests with others. I don't know what I can do to help him. I wish so much that he can learn his illness and learn some strategies and cope with it.
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Users who thank BlueLee for this post: gordon1234567 

replied June 28th, 2014
Hi Gordon 1234567,

Firstly let me appriciate you for the effort u in trying to bring a change in mentally challenged people. From my own expereince, I would like to share to all that , people like us do face a challenging lif. There are many a times when I used to feel solitudary due to my illness which was the cause of my failure in few cruial aspects oe my life . I was a drop out coz I couldnt cope up with my illness ..but, thats not all about , there is always a brighter side in life n thats my husband- a blessing from Almighty. Despite, being schizophernic, he accepted me and proved that true love still exists.I thought, I should change atleast for him so now I try to fight back with my illness and come out of this weird thing. Btw , I have resumed my academics and living a prosprous life. I take my illness and troubles as a test of Almighty, coz if he can show us glorious days in life, he has the right to test his beings patience level. Well thats my believe bt each one opines differently..
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This post has been removed because it did not meet our Community Guidelines.

replied October 24th, 2014
When you suddenly go off medications after taking it so long you might experience withdrawal symptoms such as previously suppressed emotions coming back but in extremes. Don't take it as there's something wrong with the kid, but as a normal reaction when you go off meds.

I also had this experience. I for a month or two felt so good after going off meds. Then the emotional withdrawal symptoms appeared. But it only got better after giving it more time.

You may want to refer to this guide on going off pychiatric drugs: HarmReductGuide2Edonline.pdf
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