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Ways to combat menstrual anemia

my symptoms are bad. I will have to stay in bed for a week when anemia hits me during menstruation. I can't do anything except sleeping. I am totally exhausted, weak and dizzy all the time. I have been taking iron tablets and vitamins but they aren't helping much when I am down with anemia during menstruation. Is there way to fight it? I really need help! Thanks a lot!
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replied August 29th, 2011
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Have you talked to your doctor about going on some form of birth control, such as the pill or Nuvaring? That can make your periods shorter and lighter, plus you can even skip periods or go on pills where you only have four periods a year. Some pills have iron in the inactive/placebo pills that you take during your "period" time.

If you haven't been evaluated by a doctor for this issue, you should be, regardless of whether you want to go on birth control or not. There might be some other reason you are anemic besides just menstruation, such as a digestive disorder, a thyroid issue, or trouble absorbing iron. If it is just from menstruation, there are also other medications your doctor can prescribe, such as medications that help with clotting.

Anemia can also be dangerous and yours seems like it's getting severe. I wouldn't put off seeing a doctor any longer and if you have seen a doctor that dismissed your symptoms, you should see a different one, probably a gynecologist.
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