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I attended the funeral yesterday of a female friend who's mother said she died of a heart attack. She was 51 years old. She did chain smoke and was a heavy drinker but was not overweight.

Anyway, her mother told what I thought was a bizarre story on how it all went down.

She said they were just finishing Thanksgiving dinner when her daughter began burping. At first they thought it was funny, but the burping continued. Her daughter then said she just needed to lay down on the couch for a while. Her mother asked if she felt ok, was there any pain? The daughter said no, but said she did feel pressure in her chest.

Her mother went to get aspirin, but the daughter refused to take it. She kept insisting that she just needed to rest on the couch for a while. So the mother went to go fold laundry in another room. She was thinking her daughter just ate too much or maybe ate something bad.

About 20min later, the mother heard what she described as a God-Awful sound. Sort of a grinding-grunt combined with a loud burp. The mother thought this was a good thing, that she finally "got up" what was stuck down there. So some time passed before the mother went back to check on her daughter.

What she found was her daughter unconscious, her head and feet were pressed down into the cushion while her torso seemed elevated. Her hands were dis-formed with her fingers pointing back towards her wrists.

A neighbor was nearby and immediately performed CPR but he later said that he never felt a pulse or heartbeat and she never was breathing while he was there.

The autopsy results are still pending. But does this sound like a heart attack? I never heard anyone describe continuous burping before a massive heart attack.

Can anyone explain this? Many thanks.
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