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Wartlike bump on scrotum

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This whole mess started when I noticed what appeared to be white and dry skin on the head of my penis. There was no itch associated with this dry skin and would wipe away with water, and then return shortly after. I soon after noticed two small 'bumps' between my foreskin and head of the penis. The bumps were small and had no 'head'. I stupidly picked at these two bumps until they opened and became raised. I assume these bumps became infected because while the bumps were raised they had a center that was white. During this stage of the bump there was still never any blood or puss or any secretions whatsoever.

These bumps began to heal, never really scabbing over, just healing. They're still present now but it just feels like there are two slightly hard discs in place where the bumps were, under the skin and are really not raised whatsoever. A couple days later I noticed a wart/mole like "thing" on my scrotum and what appears to be a second very tiny wart. The larger wart is skin colored and soft, and the smaller wart is fairly close to skin color but harder.

Throughout all of this I never encountered any discharge, itching, rashes, burning while urination, bleeding, etc. I began to think that maybe I had contracted HPV and it was beginning to effect me because my immune system was not strong enough when I came in contact with it. I have since made a 180 degree change in my health. I've been drinking strictly water, milk, 100% juices, eating WAY healthier, taking a multivitamin, taking silver biotic, getting plenty of sleep, and beginning to get some exercise. At this time I have encountered no new symptoms but still have the two warts(I'm assuming the're warts) and can still tell where the two bumps were between the head and foreskin. I have also noticed that the white dry skin on the head of the penis has gone away.

At this time I'm truly hoping it's HPV because if I can just get the warts removed I'm positive I can get my immune system strong enough to fight and remove the HPV virus. I've resorted to asking on here because in my area it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to get to see a physician in any of the local County Health Departments.

Any help that can be provided would mean VERY much to me and would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!
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