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Warning on supplements


I have done something extremely stupid.

I have been suffering from severe allergies. I was unsatisfied with the treatment I was getting and therefore I started looking into herbal supplements. I felt so unwell that I thought I had to try something. I was already using nasal spray, antihistamines saline rinses, extra cleaning etc, but it was just not enough.

I came across an extract called butterbur. I seemed promising and had good reviews.

I ordered it online and it worked really well. I started taking a lot of it. I ordered the veggie caps online at iHerb. It's the butterbur+feverfew from NOW.

I took about 30 pills per day. After 3 months or so, I started to lose my hearing. I thought my ears where just full of slime from my sinuses and I kept taking the pills. Then my hands started to tremble. I thought it was just stress. Then my hand eye coordination started to become really bad and I finally made the connection. At this point my hands were shaking severely and I had heart palpitations.My memory was really bad and I couldn't concentrate. I was confused and disoriented.

I discontinued taking the supplement and after one day the trembling got a bit less. The heart palpitations went down and some the hand eye coordination came back.

It has been a week since I quit using the supplement, but my hands still shake more than they did before. My coordination is not what it used to be and my hearing is still very poor. In all honesty, I think I have done some permanent damage to my body.

I want to warn other people to not use butterbur+feverfew from NOW. It is very dangerous. Maybe the feverfew has caused it. I read online that it causes irreversible damage to the smooth muscles. Maybe it's not one of the listed components. Maybe it contains contaminants such as lead. I don't know.

Boy oh boy, how much I regret this.
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