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wanting to hangout with my friends but just never do it

I often just find myself thinking and spending alot of time alone and wanting to hangout with my friends but just never do it...It just seems easier to stay alone and more peaceful but in the end Its just sad and sucks and life is just idk its like nothing makes sense anymore and everything i do is wrong or anything I say I often wonder what it'd be like to die or just wish everything would end I dont think I could ever actually do anything to harm myself to where i'd die I just know thinking of this stuff can't be normal and im tired all the time and others I cant sleep unless I stay up enough to the point I actually do get tired its all very much random... I cant keep a job or I could but just feel so terrible about life I just quit and Im inpatient, stressful, anxiety sometimes Idk seems like a bit of everything wish I could just turn it all off! I just need answers!
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replied January 15th, 2012
i can relate, fully.
ive felt this way for about 3 years now.
it turns out I was just stressing myself out about life in general.
im gonna guess youre between the ages of 18-30?
At this younger age, we have a lot of pressure to do things and to be these people we think we're supposed to be, but honestly, all you have to do is live your life and enjoy what you have.
dont sweat the small stuff
eat right
drink plenty of water
get some exercise
spend time with friends and family, REGARDLESS of how you feel.
in the end, you will slowly build yourself up to the point of enjoying life, instead of being afraid of it.

if you really feel like you have some serious problems, see a doctor or mental health specialist.
there is nothing wrong with getting a little extra help when life becomes too much.
we all get down some times.
some people are just unlucky enough to get stuck there.
like you and me.
i hope youre doing well.
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