I have baby fever. Horribly. Everywhere I look I see a pregnant woman or an infant and my heart aches to hold and take care of one of my own. This all started happening in the end of November when I missed my period by 17 days! My fiance and I had unprotected sex but I was starting the mini-pill that month as well but took it different times of the day and missed a few. I had those "phantom" prego symptoms that made me REALLY think I was even though the tests said no. Soo I started thinking of how exciting it was and stuff.. well, on Dec. 9, AF arrived, 18 days late:(
I bled for only three days. But heavily so I know it wasn't just spotting and the symptoms went away.
I have not been taking my birth control pills at all, I am supposed to have my fertile days in between Dec.21-27..
Which is today through Next Thursday..
Soo.. I hope even thought my fiance and I will be apart on the actual day of my ovulation supposedly Dec. 26, I hope we will have the time, and that I will be expecting by the beginning of next month. It would be very cool for my New Years!
Anyways.. That's my story! Praying for a little one. What do yall think? (:
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First Helper Tasali

replied December 24th, 2012
Good luck to you!! Just have fun while ttc, don't stress, and make sure you go over the pros and cons of having a baby now (I'm only saying this bc you originally were taking bc for a reason). So go over it all again and make sure you're ready. Of you are then woohooo, I hope you have your new years wish come true! Wink
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