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walking out on marriage after 30 years

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My husband walked out on me after 30 years of marriage, we have two sons aged 25 & 17.We thought he had been depressed for about 18 months, as he had withdrawn himself & contributed very little to our family business.
He has always been a very controlling person, & has always had people running round after him. he has had numerous affairs through out our married life, all of which I have forgiven him.
As my sons have got older, they have not jumped to his every whim, & have had their own ideas of how they would like the business to go.As he withdrew, his son's & I would discuss his behaviour, but if he came in the house, we would stop talking, as we didn't want him to know what we were saying. He would just walk into another room, wait for his tea to be brought in, & stay there until he went to bed.
As we have never had any experience with depression, we had little idea how to help, all we knew was that he was changing & doing less & less. I asked him to go to the Doctors but he refused & said he was ok.
He is now living with another woman, only 2 villages away, & we are getting divorced, he did used to call round once a week, but all he would do is have a drink, sit & cry, tell me he loved me ,give me a kiss & a hug & go back to her.
He never walked round the property as we keep animals, & he refused to go any where near the marital bedroom, as we had our own bathroom, & the boys had theirs.
He says he loves me but as a sister not as a wife, he says he woke up one morning18 months ago & thought "is this all I have to look forward to for the rest of my life". When he left, we were all devastated.
He is now going to the Doctor's or depression, as a letter came for him the other day, as he has not changed his address to his new partners address.He looks really ill, it upsets us every time we see him.
If he starts to get better from his treatment, is there any hope that he would want to come back to his family as we still love him, or has it gone to far with him being in a new relationship??,
Thank you to any one who replies who has experienced loosing the person they love & thought they would be with for ever.
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