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walk away father

Hi all..
Im a single mother of 8 yo twin boys..
My ex husband of 11 years decided he had enough of our family and chose to walk away but within a year he was re married and moved to the other side of the world and had another baby with his new wife.
He had his own business here in australia that was thriving and bringing in very good money but he threw that in moved to Canada and he is now not working at all..his new wife supports him..
I dont get any money off him anymore to help with the kids..I have one twin that needs extensive tutoring for school that is costing so much money..
He is coming over in November to show the boys his new baby..Im thinkin about not letting him see the boys as he hasnt contributed to their upbringing so why should he get to do what he wants to do..
His new wife has alot of money and has a nery high paid career so his kid dont go without so why should his kids from the past miss out.
When he left me he had a huge high paid contract to do that was paying a substantial amount of money ...he had been getting excited about doing it when we were together because we were going to set ourselves up in a bigger house but after we split he kept all the money to himself and me and the kids seen nothing of it while he was jet setting around the world and buying designer clothes while me and the kids were living with my parents and never had wnough money coming in to live the good life.
He was sly as to get paid half the money in cash so the child support wouldnt go up..
I cant believe i married such an a**hole of a man..
He didnt deserve to have a second chance at fatherhood..
Ive lost my faith in men!
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replied May 9th, 2008
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Oh please don't lose your faith in men because you ran into a complete loser! I am married to a wonderful and dedicated man who loves me and we will be together until death. We have 6 children so far together, and even though things get rough, we are still loving each other more every day because of it.

Your situation just makes me so mad just reading about it!

I think that is just so terrible that he has done this to you and there is no excuse for such behavior. Since you are not in the USA, I can't counsel you on what to do by yours, but I would definitely not let him have any part of your life or your children's. He threw what he had away and doesn't deserve a chance with you or his children again, not to mention a visit to show off things. I cannot believe the audacity of his thinking...not paying the required sum to support his own children.

The father, even if he leaves, is required by law to pay child support in the USA, or he ends up being a wanted man. I would get the law on him if that's possible and sue for sole custody. Get a restraining order against him for you and your children if you have that over there too.
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replied May 27th, 2009
many years ago my son's father wasnt paying me support, but was living with a women taking car of her 3 kids. i was mad so i told him he cant see his son until he pay me support. so he finally paid volunteered to pay support. i was told at that time i wasnt allow to keep his son from him by law even if he wasnt paying support.

in your situation i would have a chip on my shoulder, it would be hard for me to follow the bible.

i heard so many stories of guys quitting their jobs, and working under the table so they don't have to pay support.
problem is...your kids may want to see their father, and they may resent you if you keep them from him.
my son is 13 years old and dispite of the obvious M.I.A, my son thinks his dad is superman.
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