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Waking up hot + congested

Everyone else in the house says it's been cool, and I've got a fan pointed at me too. I'm a 20 y/o college student, don't smoke or drink, no birth control. PCOS, but hormonally normal.

I wake up hot and completely congested (like I can't breathe, so I hack up phlegm) and disoriented, my legs ache, but I fall back asleep after being lucid for a short bit, and wake an hour later with the same thing. I've cleaned the room for dust and moved the fan so it wouldn't blow near my face, but this hasn't stopped, so I don't know what's triggering it. When I wake up for the day, I'm normal. No heat, cough, ache, or anything.

This sounds really, really dumb, but it's worrying me because my dog has been coming in when I wake up, so I think I'm having a coughing fit or something. It unnerves me because he doesn't sleep in my room and never comes in my room at night, but he's been there every time I wake up like this, but not when I wake up normal. Dumb, I know, but still...

Any ideas? I'm getting more tired with each night being so fitful.
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