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waking up between 3am-5am

I've been experiencing this problem for almost 3 weeks now.
I kept waking up between 3am-5am. Not just a half-awake, but a full-awake and I can't go back to sleep because I'm not sleepy anymore. Even if I sleep at 2am, it's still happens; I wake up early in the morning and it feels like a "afternoon nap".
But when I try to sleep in the afternoon, I sleep very well like a proper sleep; I can get 8-12 hours of sleep.
At first, I thought it's because I slept in the afternoon so what I did was I'm not gonna sleep once I wake up and wait for night time to go to sleep (that means I'll wake up between 3am-5am and will only sleep only sleep at night 10pm afterwards). It's really hard to stay awake because I get sleepy 12pm onwards and if I sleep, I'll wake up after 7-10 hours which is the kind of sleep you do at night.
I'm on summer break so I'm not doing anything other than surfing the web so I thought maybe exercise will help me. Yesterday I did the same thing, once I wake up I'm only gonna be sleeping at night. I was really really tired yesterday since I played volley ball for 3-4 hours. I slept at around 10pm and it was really quick. But still, I woke up 3:30am, feeling "I've slept enough" but I know I didn't.

Please help me this is also stressing me out since I'm not getting enough sleep. Just to clear things I'm not taking any medication nor sleeping pills (never had one).
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First Helper Hypnos

replied May 17th, 2017
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With the understanding that no one can give you a definitive answer from just the information you posted, I suspect what you may have is a circadian rhythm issue. And it's largely caused by these really long afternoon naps. It's possible, even likely, these naps are stealing sleep from you at night, when you want it.

Your circadian rhythm controls sleep, along with your homeostatic sleep drive. The key to better sleep is to regulate and synchronize them so they work well together. In your case, I suspect doing so will enormously improve your sleep and hopefully solve your problem.

There's a very simple way to do this: just get up at the same time every day. Also go to bed about the same time. Allow no more time in bed then you normally need. For adults that's normally between 7 and 9 hours.

You should consider minimizing or better yet completely eliminate napping.

If you do nap, limit it to maybe 15 minutes, no more, or you risk disrupting your sleep that night.

Then stick with it and give yourself time. Hopefully your sleep will improve very fast, but it takes time for your system to adjust. Give yourself a good month with your new regular consistent sleep-wake schedule and get back to us.

I think your problem will be solved.
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