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waking up at night to urinate

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I wake up every night to urinate at least once, twice if I decide to sleep till around 10 or eleven. I am only 19. I had a couple of blood sugar tests done before, and the levels were ok, so I do not have diabetes. I do not drink water at least 3 hours before bed; but it doesn't matter if I do or don't - I still get up at night to urinate. I think the problem is that I cannot hold my pee in at night, because when I do go to bathroom I don't urinate that much, certainly not as much as I most can. Any ideas ? thanks
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replied May 10th, 2012
Waking Up at Night to Go to the Bathroom
Another common sleep problem many people experience is waking up in the middle of the night to urinate. Normal? Rarely. I always use that as a sign to tell me that something is just not as quite right as it should be with the patient. Something is up, (other than yourself at 3am), and again, it is most often due to some physical, chemical/nutritional, or emotional stress stirring up your adrenal glands. Vitamin B1, (thiamine), is the most common nutritional deficiency that can cause this, or help resolve the problem. But this article isnt necessarily telling you to take it.

Aldosterone, another adrenal hormone, is responsible for mineral balance in the body (sodium-potassium). It is higher at night, opposite that of cortisol. High aldosterone means that sodium is retained, which also means that fluid is retained. This means that you sleep better since the dreaded walk to the bathroom isnt needed. A low aldosterone at night means you are going to have to get up and go, literally. But at first you have to lie there and wish it to go away; that is some unwritten law that I cant explain to you.

Another reason for frequent nighttime urination is from lactic acid, usually from a hard (anaerobic) workout, irritating the wall of the bladder. This irritation will cause you to wake up and urinate, but often results in low urine volume. That is when you think to yourself, I got up for this?only to return with a similar outcome a couple hours later. For you men out there it is important to note that frequent urination and especially that of low volume can be due to a prostate problem. That is not something you want to ignore. You can read more about this in my prostate article.
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