Earlier today I woke my son up to get ready for school. He didn't want to get up, so I went to get him up. That's when I noticed he was not OK. He was congested, complaining his body ached, and to top it off he had a fever over 101. That's when I decided we needed to go to the emergency room. Of course when I got there, it was full! This was my first time going to an ER in downtown LA, and it was a nightmare

What really got to me is it took over 3 hours for us to just be attended to. I realize this is an emergency room and there may have been somethings more important going on, but 3 HOURS!!! This threw my entire day off. Does anyone know what I can do in the future so this doesn't happen again? I'm sure he will get sick again, and I don't want to waste my entire day in the ER again...
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replied June 18th, 2018
Unfortunately this is something that you can't avoid when going to an Emergency Room. It all depends on how bad the situation is compared to others who are also there. An emergency room is more for life threatening situations that require more immediate care.

When it comes to something less serious like a cold or flu, I would definitely suggest going to an Urgent Care facility next time as opposed to the ER. You'll be checked in and cared for WAY faster than you were at the ER, guaranteed!

Hope this helps, and hope your little one gets better!
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