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vomits like 5 times a day, has constant horrible back pain?

My best friend is diabetic. We just moved in together about 2 and a half months ago. Shortly before we moved in together she started getting really sick. Now, she vomits like 5 times a day, has constant horrible back pain that has her constantly in tears and no one will do anything for her. She's gone to the hospital like six times now because it gets so bad and the first time they gave her medication that they give to cancer patients that reduces the seratonin in her body EVEN THOUGH she's currently on antidepressants which INCREASE the seratonin in her body.. and then they gave her 5 tylenol 3s. like thats gonna do anything. She's had countless doctors appointments and they keep doing the EXACT same thing. They do a blood test, ask her if shes pregnant, do a urine test and call it day. Send her home with NO answers and NO help whatsoever. It's seriously driving me crazy. Like I'm watching my best friend slowly die and its seriously heart breaking. She doesnt eat like at all ever because when she does she pukes it all back up. She's lost at least 20 pounds since we moved in together. She's withering away to nothing. She takes like 3 baths a day and constantly has hot water bottles filled up. Her doctors treat her like she's wasting their time she needs serious attention like right now. The only somewhat serious test theyve done is a chest x ray and i'm not even sure why. And theyre just like oh well uhhh we'll do another blood test in a couple weeks and see whats up. No one will listen, everyone gives up and says give it time and i don't know what to do Sad She cant live every day like this. She needs help.
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replied March 16th, 2013
You're a great friend for reaching out for help. My mother and sister are type one diabetic. Recently my sister was very sick and throwing up for a few days and could not figure out why. Of course the bright receptionist told my sister to have a seat in the waiting room even though her blood sugar was dropping. Finally her fianc snapped and they rushed her into the er. They did bloodwork on her and pretty much dismissed everything and left off with she needs to control her blood sugar, it happened again and she went back...somehow this time which they missed the last time they found keytones in her blood which means her sugar level spilled over into her blood and was poisoning her. She also had extreme back pain and they said it could be her kidneys from the diabetes, it took a little while but eventually she got better. Not much longer after the same thing happened to my mom. She had back pain that she thought was from lifting something and then became very sick for a week or so. She was not keeping anything down and her blood sugar was also dropping. She was taken by ambulance and was admitted. She also had keytones in her blood but no explanation of the back pain. Once her blood was regulated she said the pain was gone. Try if possible to keep going through doctors or even return to the hospital as much as you can. The more you annoy and complain I've learned the more they help. Don't give up and hopefully she'll have everything regulated soon. She's very blessed to have such a good hearted caring friend. Best wishes and love and good luck if you have any other questions I'm more than willing to help. Keep in mind, a lot of doctors don't check certain things with bloodwork or miss something. It's happened to me and my mom and sister. Doctors do their best (sometimes) but they're not perfect with their diagnoses all the time.
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