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I am a 21 year old female. Since March, I have been treated for three UTI infections. In late august, I went into Urgent Care for a vomiting, and flank pain. The doctor said I had a UTI and gave me antibiotics and Ibuprofen 600mg for the back pain. What he didn't know was my infection was in my kidney and the Ibuprofen reacted and by tuesday I was violently vomiting and had to be admitted to the hospital for Acute Renal failure. My creatine level was at a 3.3 and my kidneys were at 12 and 15%. After being re hydrated and taking new antibiotics, my kidneys recovered. But, even after being released from the hospital, my back pain has not gone away. In the last 2 weeks, my vomiting is back. I spend 5-6 hours a day vomiting. My back pain is extremely painful, I have started to develop headaches and tunnel vision. I am always nauseated. I went into the ER sunday night because my mom was afraid the same thing was happening to me again and I was dehydrated. My blood results came back normal. And the doctor just had me hydrated and sent me home for a follow up. I saw a urogolist today, and my blood results were normal. He seemed to not have much concern for my symptoms of vomiting and back pain. From the CT scan that was done when I was hospitalized, he saw no kidney stones or anything that alarmed him. He ordered another CT scan with contrast. The ER doctor and my primary doctor did not want me to have another CT Scan due to the radiation. But the urologist said the ultrasound revealed nothing and the CT scan was the way to go. He then said, I doubt the CT scan will reveal anything and I will have you go back to your primary doctor because if "he can't fix or remove anything" it is no longer his area and I need to see someone else. Meanwhile, I am suffering every day and vomiting. I can barely hold anything down, and chugging Gatorade to stay hydrated, but then vomit again and my back pain is still there. I can't go to school or work, I am fatigued and hopeless. It worries me that none of the doctors seem alarmed by my symptoms. I have lost over 30 pounds since august, and still am losing weight. My nausea gets worse, and my back pain will not go away. Now with the headaches and tunnel vision, I feel like something is really wrong, and I can't function throwing up all day and all night. Anyone know what possibly could be wrong or what I should do to get the process of helping me find treatment? I have been in and out of the ER and urgent care for two months and have been hospitalized once. I am just struggling to hold on and manage my pain, but I can't leave the house because I vomit all day long.

Thank you
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