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vomiting in sleep

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My 2 year old daughter eats very little (and I mean seriously very little) and for 3 nights in a row after putting her to bed...about half an hour later she is being sick and bringing what she has eaten back up all in her cot...then we had a break from it for 2 nights but it has started again tonight..we put her up to bed and about an hour or so later she has been sick again everywhere.She also has no temperature..we have all had a bit of a tummy bug recently but we havn't been being sick...just runny pooh's.She also does not have a temerature and seems well through out the day (touch wood).she used to love yogurts but now doesn't even want to eat those even.I worry ALL the time about my girls and I'm seriously thinking this could be something really wrong like cancer or a tumour in her tummy....making it so that she does'nt want to eat and then being sick in her cot..I don't no what to do...she has a bit of a mucousy cough and at first thought the sickness was down to her coughing but that does't explain the 2 nights break we had from the sickness only for it to start again tonight.I am so fiance's niece (non relation to him by blood due to him being fostered) died of a massive tumour and I would'nt be able to live without her...I'm constantly thinking the worse...please help...any advice is very welcome.if you can put my mind at rest then please try.Thank you.Jade.
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replied January 26th, 2009
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It does sound like the stomach flu. She may have had a fever that you missed or might not have one at all. If she had more of a serious condition, it is likely that she would be in constant pain. The flu strains that my family has experienced, as well as I have seen in other families lately, is not an easy on one to get rid of, and it can keep coming back when you think everything is ok.

If you are still having problems like this after a month, then you will have reason to be concerned, but I really do think that it is a stomach virus. Keep her well hydrated; the end of it will come about in time Smile
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