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63 old year male has vomiting and constipation and abdominal pain since 10 years, 2 lobectomy in the lung.
he has recurrent vomiting after duodenectomy, cholecystectomy within laparotomy since 10 years ago.
what the case and drugs of choise for that????????????

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replied April 20th, 2009
Have you told your general doctor? I have no medical training, but it sounds like you may have a condition called Gastroparesis. I was diagnosed with it in January. Read about it and if you think you might have this ask your doctor for a Gastric emptying test. (That's what I had to do and they diagnosed me). The drugs for Gastroparesis are Reglan, Azithromycin, Domperidone, among others. Talk to your doctor.
Good luck.
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